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London, Thames Charters

The River Thames is famous throughout the world for its history, its culture and its amazing variety of wildlife, archaeology and scenery. If you ask a Londoner what is the City's greatest asset or the thousands of boaters in cruisers up and down the length of the river, they will come up with a myriad of reasons why a day on or near the Thames is a great experience.

"About The River Thames" seeks to list the story of the river, and to highlight a few of the reasons why we confidently state that the River Thames is such a wonderful treasure chest of delights and why we are all so lucky to be blessed by its presence.

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We are first and foremost a boating events company who specialize in providing a “one stop shop” for corporate events with a portfolio of offerings including VIP Transfers/transport, Meetings afloat and moored, Special occasions Birthdays, anniversaries, Ashes Scattering, Wedding/Civil Partnership Cruises, charters/cruises and co ownership charters etc etc etc

London, Thames Charters

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